Kompresorius Coltrisub MCH-6/EM




Aukšto slėgio kompresorius. Greitis 100 L/min.

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Driven by: Single-phase electric motor with centrifugal switch
Charging rate: 100 L/min – 6 m³/h – 3,5 CFM
Filling time cylinder 10 L – 0-200 Bar: 20 min
Working pressure: 200 Bar/3000 Psi – 225 Bar/3200 Psi
300 Bar/4300 Psi – 330 Bar/4700 Psi
Power: 2,2 Kw
Full load Amp: *14A (230V-50/60Hz) **29A (115V-60Hz)
Dimensions: height 35cm/13.7″, width 65cm/25.5″, depth 39cm/15.3″
Dry weight: 39,5 Kg / 87 lbs
Noise pressure: 68 dB
Number of stages and cylinders: 4
Interstage coolers and after coolers: Stainless steel
Frame: Powder coated steel
Information for onboard use with electric generator:
Starting load ampere: *42 A **87 A
Generator power at starting (without pressure): 4 KVA

MCH-6 Use and maintenance manual

Icon 100 LSE EM

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