LiPo Redox 230V akumuliatorių pakrovėjas



LiPo Redox akumuliatorių pakrovėjas

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Microprocessor LiPo REDOX 230V charger with balancer

The very  intuitive microprocessor REDOX charger with an inbuilt balancer is used to charge batteries that consist of LiPo cells. The charger is equipped with a system that automatically detects the number of cells and with the system that automatically switches the charger to the support mode when the charging is over.

ATTENTION! Only one battery pack can be charger with this charger.

Charger’s specifications:

Powering voltage: 110-240V AC
Maximum charging current: 1000mA
Number of Li/Poly cells: 1-3 cells
Messages: 3 LEDs
Weight: 90g, without the cable
Dimensions: 96x55x32mm

Papildoma informacija

Svoris 0.115 kg


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