BY-802 Full metall


  • Pilnai metalinis korpusas
  • Greitis: 122 m/s
  • Ilgis: 450 / 670 mm
  • Svoris: 2570 g

Liko 2

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BY-8002 replica

BI-8002 has been made of aluminum and ABS plastic. On the CNC machine has been constructed upper receiver with the rail assemblyfront grip, which also has RIS rails. Lower receiver is also bade of aluminium, but it is worth noting that these two parts are clamped together very well. Do not occur here, no gap, which could result of any problems.

Characteristic of this model compared to other replicas PDW (Personal Defense Weapon – carbines / submachine guns in the shortest and lightest versions designed for crews of helicopters, tanks, drivers as a weapon of defense, which could also shoot in AUTO mode), are the dimensions, weight and above versatility for the operator of all left-handed. The replica has a fire selector on both sides, so you can easily switch between shooting mode by thumb or index finger of any hand, and called. „multi magazine catch“ – both side magazine catch. On the body is the already mounted assembly for the sling hook „push the button“ type.

The replica has folding stock, which further reduces the size of the replica to the minimum (450 mm). On top of mounting rail, are mounted „flip up“ sights made well done and above all functional and made permanent. The front grip can be seen inside the dummy gas pipe, and behind her at the end of the outer barrel is a two-piece silencer. One part is right and the second left – so there is no problem to install any silencer without having to worry about compatibility of thread 14mm.

BI-8002 has working bolt catch. After reloading charging handle, we discover dummy lock knob to regulate the Hop-Up (plastic, one-piece), and to release the lock mechanism and also to cover up, need to push it.

Magazine which is in the set is made of ABS. Is very narrow and light, because in reality it is a magazine of bullets 6x35mm. Iits color also refers to the acute counterpart.

The battery, which is attached to the set, is placed in a container of dummy laser case. The whole is mounted on the front RIS rails.

Inside the replica, there is a V2 gearbox with:

– 7mm ball bearings;
– steel gears;
– ball guide piston;
– ball-directional piston head;


Set includes:

– Replica;
– Magazine;
– Battery (with dummy laser-type AN / PEQ);
– Charger;
– Front handle;
– Extension for the outer barrel;
– Speedloader

Papildoma informacija

Svoris 2570 kg
Veikimo tipas

Elektrinis AEG

Pradinis greitis

122 m/s

Ginklo ilgis mm.

450 / 670 mm

Ginklo korpusas



Akumuliatoriaus talpa: 1200 mah
Akumuliatoriaus tipas: NiMH
Akumuliatoriaus voltažas: 8.4


Dėtuvės medžiaga: ABS plastikas
Dėtuvės talpa: x bb's


Akumuliatorius: Yra
Dėtuvė: 1 vnt.
Pakrovėjas: Yra


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